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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it hard to assemble your catarafts?

It's incredibly easy and takes about 15-20 minutes. All you have to do is to unroll the cataraft on a flat surface and inflate the beams, seats and main tubes. Pressure-release valves will keep you from over-inflating the cataraft and will give you a clear audible indication when you have reached the recommended air pressure. Besides inflating the boat, you will also need to insert the supplied plastic tubes into the pockets behind seats on the main tubes for added rigidity and foot support.


Can a child travel as a fifth passenger on OtteR-4 model?

Yes, a child can be seated as a passenger on the deck in the center of the catamaran. Please don't exceed the lifting capacity of the vessel and ensure that all safety measures such as helmets, life vests etc., are in place before taking children onboard.


Can I return the product if it doesn't work for me?

Sure, we have a 30-day policy for returns and exchanges. Due to the size and weight of the package we can't return the shipping cost or pay for your return shipment, but we'll be happy to refund your credit card for the price of the boat if you return the product in the original condition.

How long is your warranty? What it covers?

Starting 2018, our limited warranty for non-commercial users is 8 years.  
It covers manufacturing defects that might prevent you from enjoying the product under normal use. We'll do everything possible to correct any problem. For example, we'll replace your cataraft with the same or comparable product if there any defect in the welding (separated seams, valves, etc.). We will professionally repair your boat if the discovered defect is minor and does not affect the cataraft's performance and safety. Our limited lifetime warranty doesn't cover such events as tube punctures by stones and other sharp objects, misuse or commercial use of the vessels.


Can you ship to any state in US/CA?

Yes, shipping costs may be higher if you're in Canada, Hawaii or Alaska, but we try to accommodate clients anywhere in North America. Please do reach out if you live in another part of the world and we'll make arrangements for you to receive the product as well.

Many gear stores on I-net offer free shipping.   Why do you have shipping charges?  

At ZelGear we want to be transparent. Stores that offer free shipping must have a mark-up on their prices to cover it. So, customers always pay for shipping. In our case, catarafts are shipped in large and heavy packages, so shipping charges and handling costs are significant. You have the option to pick up the purchased catarafts in our NJ location to avoid any shipping costs. If you contact us, we'll be happy to work with you on any shipping arrangements you prefer.


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