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  • All our technical clothes are offered in Custom size at no extra charge!  Discover the difference that precise fit makes.   
    This drysuit is made with 4-ply Japan-made Gelanots IM material utilizing the newest mebrane technology. 
    It has exceptional properties: water resistance = 26,000, breathability = 10,000 
    Durability was tested on many ZelGear-sponsored expeditions around the world.  
    Choose location of entry zipper (TiZip):  classical diagonal or waist zipper. 
    Choose wrist and neck gaskets:  latex or neoprene in any combination.
    Relieve zipper.
    Additional flap for kayak skirt
    Regulated waist with wide elastic flaps and Velcro
    Protective slieves over wrists and over socks. 
    Dry pocket. 
    Wear-protective Cordura patches on knees and elbows.
    Ergonomic cut.

    We cut no corners.  This suit has all bells and wistles.  And if that is not enough - we can customize it further, e.g. adding your logo or reflective stripes. 

Please contact us prior to ordering, as you will need to make 20 measurments and fill the size form.

Drysuit for kayaking

$699.00 Regular Price
$674.00Sale Price
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