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Igla-1 (Needle-1) is a cutting-edge and eye-catching product. 
It is durable, comfortable and easy-to-assemble. Fastest solo inflatable kayak in a world,  fits in a pack when rolled, assembles in minutes and is big enough to carry multi-day expedition gear or be used a tandem boat on fday trips.
Unlike other IK models suitable for serious trips and expeditions, we designed Igla-1 as a displacement hull boat. This greatly improved the speed and load capacity.

Plastic bow inserts were used to create vertical bow profile, further increasing speed, stability and punch-through power.  And we did not forget about safety. We have found the breakthrough solution to match the safety of the self-bailers. Sides are designed to allow water to bail out completely when boat is put on its side or flipped back after capsizing. The optional full hull skirt takes care of the occasional splash.

You will find many thoughtful and ergonomic details in the design of Needle-1.The seat is fully adjustable, with thigh straps and comfortable back rests.  Even tallest paddlers will find plenty of room to stretch their legs, with more space to spare - for camping gear and food. Have you ever heard about inflatable kayaks exploding from overheating if left unattended in open sun?  We have.  It is never going to happen with Needle-2 – because we added pressure relief valves on the side tubes and on the bottom too.Need to carry the packed boat more than just a few meters?  Our boat pack has detachable back straps… Need to do a short portage? Here are the carry handles.  Want to tie your cargo? There are multiple attachment points and loops.  Struggle with keeping the boat going in certain direction? Use the supplied U-shaped fin that installs in seconds and makes the boat more stable on its course.


Igla-1 S is a SPORT version of the same boat,  with 1" narrower hull, which gives it a little extra speed, but slightly reduces the initial stability. All differences between two models are minor.

For ones of you who always demand the very best of your gear,  we offer TPU and Vectran versions of the Igla-1 / Igla-1 S boats.
TPU Igla-2 is constructed using thermoplastic polyurethane with UV protective coating. This US-made fabric gives this kayak greatly improved durability and elasticity, superb UV resistance, reduced drag on a water and less bulk when packed. It is not just light, but ultralight (weighs only 20 lbs or 9 kg, despite being over 4 meters long) and can be rolled to a smaller sized package than other boats of similar dimensions.
Vectran Igla-1 is only a notch heavier than TPU boat ( approx. 22 lbs), but it is super-strong, vertually undestructible.  However, high costs of the Vectran fabrics double the boat price.
Both TPU and Vectran models are made as custom orders only,  delivery in 8-10 weeks.  Contact us for details and pricing. 


Inflatable Kayak Igla-1 / Igla-1S

$1,549.99 Regular Price
$1,249.99Sale Price
  • 3 inflate valves
    3 pressure release valves by Scoprega (Italy)
    1 removable seat

    Included with purchase:

    • carry bag
    • hand pump
    • repair kit
    •  heel support
    • 1 sets of thigh straps
    • instruction
    • warranty
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