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TouR-2 is our version of classical paddle cat designed especially for expeditions. It has large (24" diameter) main tubes and 3 cross-tubes for greater rigidity, volume and load capacity. It can carry 3-d person as a passanger and a lot of gear as well.   
Paddlers sit "normally", on the main tubes, with legs inside, using foot cups and optional thigh straps to be connected to the boat.  
TouR-2 has strong,  instant-drainable PVC cocpit, plenty of D-rings, handles, safety side rope and other bells and whistles.  As comes standard with all ZelGear boats, every tube has a pressure relief valve. 
For people who want utra-light boats for expeditions, we offer custom TPU and Vectran versions of TouR-2 that weigh approximately 25 and 30 lbs respectively.  TPU is the lightest material available, it is durable, very UV-resistant, punch-resistant, but not as tear-resistant as PVC,  
US-made urethan-coated Vectran fabric is not only ultra-light and UV-resistant, but is also super-strong. In fact, Vectran is the strongest boat fabric available on Earth.  However,  high costs of Vectran will double the basic model price. 
If interested in TPU or Vectran, contact us for prices, delivery terms and additional information. 


$1,599.00 Regular Price
$1,499.00Sale Price
  • 5 inflate valves
    5 pressure release valves by Scoprega (Italy)
    Permanently welded instant-drain PVC deck with foot cups

    Included with purchase:

    • carry bag
    • hand pump
    • repair kit
    • 2 cargo straps
    • 2 thigh straps
    • instruction
    • warranty
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