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Frameless cataraft VectoR-2 is designed for running most challenging white water rapids.  It is our newest and most advanced cataraft model.
Distinguished feature of VectoR-2 cataraft is a new, state-of-the-art design of kneeling seats, also known as “saddles”. Seats are single skin and ergonomically shaped. They are mounted on top of hi-pressure platforms integrated into the main tubes.  New seats are very comfortablle and fully adjustable for any paddler. They are mounted lower than tops of the main tubes - that results in better stability and protection for paddlers. It also helps to execute technical strokes and braces.  VectoR-2 is fully capable to run lines normally accessible only to hard-shell boaters.  


  • 8 inflate valves
    4 pressure release valves by Scoprega (Italy)
    2 drop-stitch-platform mounted kneeling seats (each with 6 thigh straps)
    Permanently welded deck with self-bailing holes.

    Included with purchase:

    • carry bag
    • hand pump
    • repair kit
    • 2 cargo straps
    • instruction
    • warranty
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