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Our 70 liter dry bag is durable and super dry thanks to a redundant ZIP / roll closure. 
It is not just water tight, but air tight as well.  It is very versatile, as you can carry it as a hand bag, as a duffel or as a back pack ( backpack straps and duffel strap are removable). 
This is a large size pack that will help you keep all your belongings dry and safe.

Standard fabric is Germain-made PVC, 620 g/m2.   We can use heavier PVC bags as a custom order, same price. 
We also offer the  ultralight TPU version of the same bag  (custom orders,  add  $15 to the standard price ) 

ZIP Dry Bag / Duffel 70 L

$89.99 Regular Price
$74.99Sale Price
  • 2 handles, PVC ( TPU option), ZIP closure, 70 liters,  
    Color:   red, green or blue  ( TPU - yellow) 

    Included with purchase:

    • warranty
    • 1 removable shoulder strap 
    • 1 set of removable backpack straps
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